The Houey Hong Vocational Training Centre for Women provides training and employment for Lao women from disadvantaged backgrounds in the areas of natural dyeing, traditional Lao weaving, tailoring and small business administration. The Centre is located seven kilometres east of Vientiane’s city centre in Houey Hong Village, Chanthabury District, in Laos Map.

The Centre was established in response to a growing awareness of the need to provide vocational training and employment opportunities to the disadvantaged sectors of the community, especially women, minority ethnic groups and people with disabilities.

The Houey Hong Vocational Training Centre for Woman has three main objectives:

  1. To provide training for various skill levels, in weaving, dyeing and tailoring for women from rural areas who are disadvantaged, poor and/or who have a disability
  2. To revive and support Lao’s traditional crafts, such as natural dyeing and traditional weaving
  3. To introduce other suitable skills, such as tailoring, to women who have little education
Why not make a difference this holiday, and support the women of Houey Hong?
People can visit the Centre and learn about natural dyes and traditional Lao weaving. You can also support the Centre by purchasing silk and cotton products made by the women at Houey Hong Our Products.

The Houey Hong Vocational Training Centre for Women would like to acknowledge the following people for the photography used in this website: Mr Mariano Arriaga Marin, Ms Tara Cambourne, Mr Gabriel Olariu, Ms Sounantha Kanlaya and Ms Deborah Davis.

News Update

- Dec 2010 we celebration for 55 years Friendship between Lao - Japan Had a Fashion show and had Booth products display.

- May 2011 a group of Volunteer teacher from Australia came visit and do activity

- Oct 2011 2 people from Sepon support by LXML arrived at the Centre for a month to train of Natural dye and weaving.

- Dec 2011 a group of Singapore University visit the Centre to run team Building activities.

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